Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some new thinking at apple.com

With the onset of the WWDC yesterday, Apple has finally lunched a redesigned web site. The old look has been there for about 5 years which underscores the difficulty in doing a face-life to a major company website.

This new look reveals a lot about the thinking at apple with regards to the company and how it delivers its services. First off, there is only the logo the words Apple" do not appear next to the logo. This is not new thinking per se at Apple, but to see it on the web site this way made me think, “I guess these guys are not afraid of dumb people”. So much of web design (that is done in the main stream caters to the lowest common denominator).

Next with redesign comes some rethinking of the categories on the site which clearly illustrates what many of us who follow apple knew for a while – the ipod/itues and iphone business are growing.

What’s pretty cool is these sliding tabs on the right hand side that move up or down depending on what info you’re looking for. Apple is using a lot of the new technology that web2.0 is based on, and is taking a lot from the functionality of itunes. Which is interesting in the sense that this is not a top down thinking but a down up one. In other words the brand as a whole is influenced by one product and not the other way around. There is nothing wrong in this way of doing things; philosophically it is somewhat of an eye opener.

All in all in is so to speak “a day late” but it is most certainly not “a penny short” good going…

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