Sunday, June 10, 2007

an open letter to the editors of How, Print and Communications Arts

Some would consider what I am about to do a rant, but I suspect that some many of us in the design community have long pondered… pondered what?

Well, where are our favorite offline magazines as the web is moving towards versions 2.5 or 3.0? What do I mean?

Well, one of my favorite magazines is HOW. I have been a fan and a subscriber for a long while and I await the arrival of a new issue with childe-like anticipation.

How and its brothers Print and Communication Arts have all done some work towards getting an online footprint (each in it’s own way), but for the most part art very clearly in the “old media” corner of the room. Which is a big shame.

Many of us work at home / or alone and crave the communication/interaction that comes with working together. We are always looking for fresh ideas, and fresh thinking and seeing the same sort of stuff these magazines put in print online (if that!) is saddening.

I will give How and the others credit; How is moving forward it has a blog and seems to sport some sort of Login “my How” mechanism. But lets be frank about it, the site has not seen a major redesign in probably 5 years (I was so existed when it happened!)

What if they had video bloggs, where people shared their ideas, what if they had a daily or weekly conversation (on video) with a different designer… look, if the New York Times is going the way of Video, which should be a big enough sign to How CA and Print. And we all know that the NY Times is as old media as old media gets.

So I call on How, Print and Communication Arts, DO SOMETHING, I will still subscribe, but I will be an even bigger supporter if I can visit the site everyday and see something new. And you could probably make money (the magic word) doing this!

And oh, if anyone out there has any ideas for a good website/portal that deals with design. Please let me know. Digg

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