Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is there no good work done here?

For those of us who follow the industry trades, this would be the annual Annuals Season. And so one by one they land on my desk mostly form Communication Arts, all shinny and think and full of surprises.

The latest one, the Advertising annual form Communication Arts had many surprises, and I am not referring to the quality of work, I am referring to the origin. I must have been 10 pages or so into the magazine when it occurred to me that I have yet to have seen a single ad from an agency in the US. And there is a statement here! I am not sure exactly to what it is, (maybe there are several), but the fact that a good majority of the ads were for agencies in Asia and Europe says something about the state of affairs in the US ad community. Maybe it has moved to the interactive arena, maybe the cultural conservatism is finally winning, or maybe it’s chik to showcase work form the outside the US, I am not sure, but the pages of Communication Arts don’t lie.

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