Monday, July 23, 2007

Work for spec and spec work.

I came across this petition-thing on not doing work on spec sometime ago, and that got me thinking about spec work and work for spec.

What can I say, as a business practice, I do not do work on spec. I believe it to be a bad business practice. If you’re going to ask an artisan to do something, you should pay for it. Otherwise you are not serious and you are not behaving respectfully (toward the artisan).

On the other hand, I managed to win some since projects using spec work in my portfolio. Spec work has always been a controversial topic. Does it count for something? Is it ok for a mid-career person to have some or a lot of spec work in their “book”?
As a Creative Director I worked for at Saatchi & Saatchi in LA said to me once “clients will always stop you partway to genius, with spec work you can show future employers/clients that you can get there…” which is what people want to see.

Good work is good work, no matter if it’s “spec” or “for real”, work on spec…don’t do it…

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